Why Choose OpenITLabz? Why Not!!!

Get Trained by International Industry Practitioners

We have talented pool of professionals who are industry practitioners for decades, they are not only good at their respective domains but also has a great passion and urge to share their knowledge which they had acquired by dedicating a long period of time in the domain they choose to excel with.

Learn Skills mandatory at your job desks

Know with us the list of tasks you will be performing at your desk and the corresponding skills needed to execute those task.Learn the approach to tackle the brain teasing troubleshooting problems which is the usual day to day challenge of an IT Pro.

We don't train to find jobs,we make you employable

By employable we mean that you have necessary skills to get yourself sell in front of your employer ,whether it be your technical skill or personality skill.

Develop "hands on skill" with us that's what industry needs

In industry its everything about to keep the service up and running .And it cannot be achieved by overindulging students in theory topics or concepts rather make them “hands on” on the technology which is used to keep the respective service up and running.

Emulate your Skills at our Virtual Data Center

We have a private cloud or in layman language “a virtual data center” where you can sit and feel how it feels to be in a live environment and take the challenge, be it architecting a solution or trouble shooting a mission critical solution to keep things working as required.

Get counseled for your IT career without enrolling with us

We sit here not only to make bucks but guide and mentor all young talent pool of country .If you are confused and fuzzed by contradicting opinions of your friend,colleagues,relatives who only work in specific domain and suggest you the opportunities related to their domain without understanding the big picture of industry needs.Don't worry come to us ,grab a cup of tea and we will mentor you and guide you considering your strength and weakness ,what’s best for you and how to get it.And that's too free and without asking you to enroll with us

Your Career Starts Here

On the other hand we denounce with righteous indignation and dislike men who are so beguiled and demoralized.

Spark Of Genius

To take a trivial example which of us ever undertakes laborious physical exercise except.

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