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DevOps is becoming an industry standard for many businesses. According to a report issued by Capgemini, 60% of businesses either adopted DevOps or planned to do so during 2018. Statistics like this one demonstrates that DevOps is a necessary part of your business plan if you expect to respond quickly to the demands of the market, improve your business’s time-to-market, and keep your software solutions updated regularly. The organization across the globe have started using DevOps in their business, and the graph is increasing gradually. Statistics derive that 65% of the organization will use DevOps in their business as a mainstream strategy by 2022. It indicates there is a high scope of DevOps in upcoming days.
DevOps is capable of transforming the person to multiple skills from a single skill which includes infrastructure, configuration, coding, building, testing, release, etc
A report on Puppet labs indicates that businesses use DevOps as the mainstream strategy. They have deployed code up 30 times higher when compared to their competitors. The DevOps has started to see 75% of jobs from major IT and MNC’s on the past few years based on the report of, and more. The Mention of DevOps has also increased in a social networks like Linkedin. This is a perfect way of leading the future

·  Versioning code in Version control System (Git,GitHub,Bitbucket)

·  Building Code using Build tool (Maven)

·  Testing Code with de-facto testing tool(JUnit,Sonarcube)

·  Create code pipelining with CI/CD tools (Jenkins)

·  Deploying builded code to VM (AWS EC2,Azure VM)or Containers(Docker,Kubernetes) using Configuration management tool (Ansible)

·  Monitoring deployed code for performance and feedback using monitoring tool(Nagios,ELK)